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In the IEF - Seminar on Electromagnetics topical subjects are treated on a weekly basis,
each Wednesday, 10-12, in the ETZ building, Room K71.

On occasion, we have special seminars on other days as well. Those extra dates are underlined!

3rd Quarter 2017

Date Speaker
Jul 5

David Moor


Guido Gandus

Felix Abrecht


Christoph Weilenmann

High-Speed Modulator in Zero-Change Plasmonics

Nonlinear Plasmonics

Nicrowave Photonic Subsystems and Techniques

Coupling into Metal-Ferroelectric-Metal Plasmonic Slots

Jul 12 Masafumi Ayata Plasmonic Solar Cells
Jul 19



Alexander Lochbaum

Exploiting Material Resonances to Reduce losses in Plasmonic Modulators

Highly Integrated Dual-Channel Metamaterial Thermal Detector for Mid-IR Optical Gas Sensing  

Jul 26

Romain Bonjour


George Christidis

Remote In-Building Motion Detection using Single Frequency Techniques

Photonic Strucutres for High Temperature Environment - A Review

Aug 2
Daniel Chelladurai tbd
Aug 9

Michael Doderer


Joel Winiger

Evanescent Coupling Between a Hybrid and a Photonic Waveguide (Semester Final Talk)

Sub-Wavelength Confined Laser on Si

Aug 16 -
Aug 23 Nikola Dordevic tbd
Aug 30

Alexander Dorodnyy

Felix Mayor


Fabian Schuiki



Nanomechanical Plasmonic Resonator (Final Talk)

Introduction to Git

Sept 6

Samuel Gyger

Bojun Cheng



Sept 13

Christian Haffner

George Christidis



Sept 20 Wolfgang Heni tbd
Sept 27 Claudia Hoessbacher tbd

2nd Quarter 2017

Date Speaker
Apr 5

Lewerenz Mila


Tong Cui


Michael Doderer

On-chip Second Harmonic Generation in BTO (final talk)

Critical Coupling in Plasmonic Resonators (intro talk)

Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation of Evanescent Coupling Between a Plasmonic Hybrid Waveguide and a Photonics Waveguide


Apr 12 Kevin Portner

Nonlinear Organic Electro-Optic Materials for Plasmonic Modulators (Semester Final)

Apr 19 Masafumi Ayata Plasmonic Laser
Apr 26

Christoph Weilenmann

Guido Gandus

Zhenhao He

Felix Mayor

Chen Ming

Coupling into Metal-Ferroelectric-Metal Plasmonic Slots (Intro semester)

Optical Circuit Design for SHG (Intro semester)

Integrated Plasmonic Devices  

Nanomechanical Pasmonic Resonator

Effects of Short-Term Radiation Emitted by WCDMA Mobile Phones on Teenagers and Adults

May 3

Charles Papon

Special room: IFW A36

SpinalHDL: An Alternative Hardware Description Language
May 10

Soumya Dash

Sebastian Goeldi


Yannick Salamin

Ayata Masafumi

A Brief Historyof Coded Modulation

Automatization and Optimization of Fibre-to-Chip Coupling (Semester Final)

CLEO Talk Rehearsal

CLEO Talk Rehearsal

May 17

Samuel Welschen

Mila Lewerenz


Pol Mousel

Radar and Through-Wall-Sensing Basics

Process Development for Ferroelectric Plasmonic Modulators (Intro Master)

Passive Radar – From Quality Criteria to Coverage Optimization (Final Master)

May 24 Benedikt Bäuerle OFC2017 Review
May 31 Nikola Dordevic Developments in Colloidal Quantum Dot Lasers
Jun 7 Watanabe Tatsuhiko
CLEO Talk and Review
Jun 14 Urban Senica Mode Control in Monolithically Integrated Nanowire Lasers on Silicon
Jun 21

Samuel Gyger

Tong Cui

Influence of Windparks on VHF Direction Finding

Critical coupling for plasmonic resonators

Jun 28

Wolfgang Heni

Matthias Stahli and Severin Pfister


PC Application for the Control of a Radar Exposimeter

1st Quarter 2017

Date Speaker
Jan 11

Andrey Gusarov



David Moor



Jonas Erb

Multiphase Model for Radiative Transfer in Heterogeneous Media


High-Speed Modulator in Zero-Change CMOS Plasmonics (final talk)


Hybrid Plasmonic Beam and Polarization Splitter (final talk)

Jan 18 Samuel Gyger
Towards a Nanoscale Plasmonic Light Source for Silicon Photonics
Jan 25

Christian Haffner


Pascal Stark



Integrated Optical Spectrometer

Feb 1 -  
Feb 8 - (Group excursion)
Feb 15

Ueli Koch

Manfred Heuberger (EMPA)

FEM and Other Methods for Frequency Domain

Variation of Cross-Sections in Polymer Optical Fibers

Feb 22

Christian Haffner

Sebastian Goeldi

Thinking, fast and slow!

Semester Thesis Introduction Talk

Mar 1

Pol Mousel

Andreas Messner

Lukas Bieri, Matthias Binder, Noa Melchior

Passive Radar (intermediate master talk)


Development of measurement setup for through the wall sensing (final group talk)

Mar 8 Yannick Salamin Graphene for Photonics
Mar 15

Antonio Loquercio



Claudia Oessbacher


Andreas Messner

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs): From Image Recognition to Reinforcement Learning

Broadband Plasmonic Modulator Enabling Single Carrier Operation Beyond 100 Gb/s (OFC Rehearsal)

Integrated Ferroelectric Plasmonic Optical Modulator (OFC Rehearsal)

Mar 20

Prof. Naoki Wakiya

Prof. Tomoaki Yamada

Magnetic field induced phase separation in oxide thin film by Dynamic Aurora PLD

Piezoelectric nano-structures for energy harvesters

Mar 22

Marco Zahner


Yves Jundt


Paul Scheffler, Thomas Benz, Gani Aliguzhinov

Printed Circuit Boards: Applications, Design and Realization

Wireless Standard Classification on Low-Complexity Hardware

RF-Board for Photonic Chip Evaluation (Final Talk, Group Work)

Mar 29

Renato Huber


Elias Paserini


Joel Winiger

On-Chip Difference Frequency Generation (Final Talk)

Nanoscale metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector (Final Talk)

Sub-Diffraction-Limited Plasmon Laser on Silicon (Intro Master Thesis)

4th Quarter 2016

Date Speaker
Oct 5

Noa Melchior, Matthias Binder and Lukas Bieri


David Moor



Daniel Chelladurai


Ramon Gao


Development of a Measurement Setup for Through the Wall Sensing (intro group work)


High-Speed Modulator in Zero-Change CMOS Plasmonics (intro semester thesis)


A CMOS Compatible Plasmonic Modulator (final master talk)


Silicon Nitride Photonics (final master talk)

Oct 12

*** Special room: HG

Paul Scheffler, Thomas Benz and Gani Aliguzhinov


Luca Alloatti


Jonas Erb



Sébastien Rumley (Columbia University)



RF-Board for Photonic Chip Evaluation




A Hybrid Plasmonic Beam and Polarization Splitter (Introductory Talk)


How Much Room for Optics in Next Generation Interconnects? (Time: 11:00 to 12:00)

Oct 19

Muhamet Alija





Léonard Authier


Yves Jundt




Michel Frising


Modelling and experimental investigations on the DC conductivity of crosslinked polyethylene specimens with layer thickness in the mm range for HVDC cables


Filter optimization for ultra-fast steering (intro talk semester thesis)



Wireless Standard Classification on Low-Complexity Hardware (intro talk master thesis)


Intro talk semester thesis

Oct 26

Romain Bonjour


Chams Rutkowki



Lewerenz Mila



Optimization of Ring Access Waveguide Design (intro semester thesis)


On-chip second harmonic generation in BTO (intro talk semester thesis)

Nov 2

Bojun Cheng


Renato Huber



Nonlinear Plasmonics (Intro talk master thesis)

Nov 9

Norbert Schneider




Elias Passerini

Scalable fabrication of three dimensional photonic nanostructures with shape memory polymers


Nanoscale Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Photodetector

Nov 16

Soumya Dash



David Schmutz

Traceable Power Measurement for LTE Base-Stations


Passive Through-the-Wall-Sensing

Nov 23 Nikola Dordevic
Nov 30 Alexander Dorodnyy
Quantum Computing
Dec 7 Simon Gebrewold
Dec 14

Pol Mousel 


Yves Jundt




A. Eggli, M. Reichmuth, M. Stähli, R. Steiner

Passive Radar


Wireless Standard Classification on Low-Complexity Hardware (intermediate talk master thesis)


Smartphone App for the control of a Radar exposimeter (final talk group project)

Dec 21

Philipp Rupp and Alexander Zöchbauer


Wolfgang Heni

Lumped element model of plasmonic-organic hybrid modulators (final talk group project)

3rd Quarter 2016

Date Speaker
Jul 6

Sébastien Le Floch

Yves Salvadé

Aya Mahgoub

Fiber Based Temperature sensors


Beyond Coherence Interferometry

tbd (final talk)

Jul 13

Soumya Dash


Michael Jost


Wolfgang Heni

Receiver Algorithm for Decoding Constellation Modulation

Regulation of Delay Interferometer for Ultra-Fast Tunable True-Time Delays (final talk)

Optimizing Plasmonic Modulators for In-Device Nonlinearities of up to 275 pm/V

Jul 20

Florence Leyvraz


Svenja Mauth

On-Chip Second-Harmonic Generation in 2-Dimensional Crystals (final talk)

Towards an Integrated Photo Detector on Si-Photonics Platform

Jul 27

Alexander Dorodnyy

Suiying Ye

Visible and infrared photodetectors


Semester thesis introductory talk

Aug 3

Prof. Ran Lixin


Nicola Gauriot

Artificial Implementation of Perfectly Matched Layers

CMOS-compatible plasmonic modulator (final talk)

Aug 10 Claudia Hössbacher OFC Review
Aug 17

Samuel Gyger


Arne Josten

AC Driven Quantum Dot LEDs for Si Photonics (intermediate talk)

SPPCom Review

Aug 24 Ueli Koch
Optical Memristive Switches
Aug 31

Christian Funk


Alexander Lochbaum

Compact and Efficient Coupling to CMOS-Compatible Plasmonic Circuits (final talk)

Thermal Membrane Emitters and Detectors

Sep 7 - - (cancelled)
Sep 14 Yannick Salamin Recent Progress in Ge Photodetectors – A 10 Year Review
Sep 21 Pegah Souzangar
Sep 28

Marco Zahner


Donjan Rodic


Philipp Rupp and Elexander Zöchbauer


Suiying Ye

Dielectric Spectroscopy


FEM-MMP Coupling


Lumped Element Model of Plasmonic-Organic Hybrid Modulators



High-Density Nanowires Fabrication with Thermal Nanolithofraphy

2nd Quarter 2016

Date Speaker
Apr 6 Fabian Laumer Semester thesis introductory talk
Apr 6 Marco Eppenberger Semester thesis final talk - FPGA-Based Coherent Receivers for Optical Communication Systems Beyond 100G
Apr 13 William Vandenberghe Electron transport at the nanoscale: new materials and new devices  
Apr 13 Zheng Zhang Variation-Aware Modeling and Simulation for Nano-Scale Devices and Circuits
Apr 20 Yannick Salamin
Terahertz Spectroscopy: Components and Systems
Apr 27 Daniel Chelladurai Master thesis introductory talk
Apr 27 Raino Gabriele  
May 4 Michael Jost Semester thesis introductory talk – Measurement Platform for Integrated Photonic System
May 4 Pegah Souzangar  
May 11 Marco Zahner
May 11 Christopher Timperio Vivaldi Antenna Array for Optical Beam Steering
May 18 Felix Abrecht
May 18 Mahgoub Aya Master thesis intermediate talk - Design and Fabrication of High Efficiency Blazed Grating Couplers
May 18 Samuel Gyger Master thesis introductory talk
May 25 Sebastian Kelz Study on the design of
extremely low noise integrated charge amplifiers
May 25 Christian Funck Master thesis intermediate talk
May 25 Christian Haffner tbd
Jun 1 Benedikt Bäuerle
Jun 1 Yannick Salamin Direct RF-to-Optical Detection by Plasmonic modulator integrated into a four-leaf-clover antenna
Jun 15 Romain Bonjour
Bojun Chen
Antenna, Phased array, and OFC 16
Introduction to Atomic Scale Plasmonics
Jun 22

Daniel Chelladurai


Luca Alloatti

CMOS Compatible Plasmonic Resonators (intermediate talk)

Photonic Design Automation Tool for Advances CMOS Nodes

Jun 29

Fabian Laumer


Soumya Dash


George Christidis

Design of Hybrid Plasmonic Modulators Based on Ring Resonators (final talk)

Receiver Algorithm for Decoding Constellation Modulation

Photonic Crystal Nanocavities: On Chip Optical Switching and Optical Memories

1st Quarter 2016

Date Speaker
Jan 13 Prof. Alfred J. Meixner Plasmon Enhanced Light Emission: From Sharp Gold Tips and Single Quantum Dots to Tunneling Junctions
Jan 20 Christian Haffner tbd
Jan 20 Prof. Dr. Krish Sankaran DIV, CURL and GRAD are lame: An alternative approach using algebraic topology for electromagnetics
Jan 27 Nikola Dordevic
Jan 27 Carnal David tbd
Feb 3 Luca Alloatti Complete CMOS photonic toolbox in 45nm 12SOI
Feb 3 Samuel Welschen Master thesis final talk - Simulation of Ultra-Fast Beam Steering Systems
Feb 10
Alexander Dorodnyy
Feb 10 Marco Eppenberger Master Thesis Intermediate Talk
Feb 10 Raphael Cottier Semester thesis final talk
Feb 17 Aya Mahgoub Master thesis introductory talk
Feb 17 Florence Leyvraz Master thesis introductory talk
Feb 24 Christian Haffner
Feb 24 David Stark Semester thesis final talk
Feb 24 David Moor and Shadi Nashashibi Group work final talk - Spectroscopic Ellipsometry of Nanophotonic Materials
Mar 2 Wolfgang Heni
Mar 2 Simon Gebrewold Rehearsal talk
Mar 9 Jasmin Smajic Virtual High Frequency Lab - A MatLab-FEM package
Mar 9
Claudia Hössbacher
Optical Interconnect with Densely Integrated Plasmonic Modulator and Germanium Photodetector Arrays
Mar 9 Nicolas Gauriot Semester thesis introductory talk - Exploring CMOS compatible plasmonic waveguides
Mar 16 Arne Josten tbd
Mar 16 Bertold Ian Bitachon Semester thesis introductory talk
Mar 16 Daniel Chelladurai Semester thesis final talk
Mar 23 Ueli Koch
Mar 30 Christian Funck Master thesis introductory talk
Mar 30 Lukas Juchli Semester thesis final talk

Seminars in Autumn Semester 2016

Number Unit Lecturer
227-0955-00L Seminar in Electromagnetics, Photonics and Terahertz  J. Leuthold
401-5870-00L Seminar in Electromagnetics for CSE  J. Leuthold,
C. Hafner

Seminars in Spring Semester 2016

Number Unit Lecturer
227-0955-00L Seminar in Electromagnetics  J. Leuthold
401-5870-00L Seminar in Electromagnetics for CSE  J. Leuthold,
C. Hafner
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