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ETH Fellowship for Dr. Watanabe

Dr. Watanabe receives the ETH Fellowhip "Novel highly scaling optical interconnect solution" Read more 


Best Paper Award for Romain Bonjour from the IEF

Romain Bonjour recieves the Best Paper Award at AVFOP-MWP 2016 Read more 


Most Influential Paper Award

Jürg Fröhlich recieves the 2015 most influential bioelectromagnetics journal paper by citation award Read more 


Switching light with a silver atom

Alexandros Emboras has created the world's smallest integrated optical switch. Applying a small voltage causes an atom to relocate, turning the switch on or off. Read more 


Smallest and Fastest Optical Modulator Introduced - Nature Photonics

A modulator being a hundred times smaller than conventional models and having an energy consumption of 25 fJ per bit. Read more 

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