Metamaterial Emitter Research Highlighted in Nature Photonics


A metamaterial light source recently developed at the IEF is highlighted in the June issue of Nature Photonics.

Photograph of the narrowband on-chip thermal emitter, bonded to a TO-39 header for testing purpose.

The journal Nature Photonics features the metamaterial thermal light source recently developed at the IEF in a “Research Highlight” in its latest issue (June 2017) [1]. In contrast to conventional thermal emitters, the metamaterial light source emits a very narrowband spectrum in the mid-infrared wavelength range with high efficiency [2]. Thus, additional filter elements in a gas sensing system become obsolete, which enables for compact sensing systems. Due to its compatibility with standard fabrication processes, the novel light source allows for a new generation of highly integrated, low power and low cost gas sensors.

[1] N. Horiuchi, “Light sources: Chip-based thermal emitter (PDF, 118 KB),” Nat. Photonics, vol. 11, no. 6, pp. 331–331, 2017.

[2] A. Lochbaum, Y. Fedoryshyn, A. Dorodnyy, U. Koch, C. Hafner, and J. Leuthold, “On-Chip Narrowband Thermal Emitter for Mid-IR Optical Gas Sensing,” ACS Photonics, p. acsphotonics.6b01025, 2017.

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