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Euramet-Project IND51: MORSE
Metrology for optical and RF communication systems

Traffic on telecommunication networks is currently growing by around 40 % each year, which will soon lead to a capacity crunch unless new technologies are introduced to maintain quality and prevent disruption to the networks on which the modern world relies. Technologies such as reconfigurable and multiple antennas can increase the capacity and quality of wireless communications, however they also make testing more complex and time consuming. When building a satellite, antenna testing happens during a high-risk stage of development, therefore more complicated antennas could potentially disrupt the already tight delivery schedules satellite companies must adhere to. This project will support the work of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and will result in new measurement procedures and services to support the introduction of new multiple antenna systems, satellite system testing and the next generation of optical communications equipment. More information

Coordinator:  David Humphreys (NPL)

Timeframe: 2013 - 2016


EU-Project: FOX-C
Flexible Optical Cross-connect Nodes enabling next generation flexible optical networking

The FOX-C project aims to design, develop and evaluate the first functional system prototype of flexible add-drop multiplexers and flexible optical cross-connectsThe FOX-C project aims to design, develop and evaluate the first functional system prototype of flexible add-drop multiplexers and flexible optical cross-connects with fine switching granularity at the optical subcarrier level with the purpose to enable the end-to-end network routing of any tributary channel with flexible bandwidth down to 10Gb/s carried over wavelength superchannels, each with an aggregated capacity beyond 1Tb/s. Moreover, the project will define and evaluate the flexible transmission solutions and their exact characteristics, thus providing a holistic flexible optical networking approach applicable in next generation networks. More information

Coordinator: George Papastergiou

Timeframe: 10/2012 - 12/2015


EU-Project (FP7): ERMES

Embedded Resonant and Modulable Self-Tuning Laser Cavity for Next Generation Access Network Transmitter

For the next generation access network wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks (WDM-PON) appear a promising solution offering almost unlimited bandwidth similarly to point-to-point links, while allowing the advantages of fiber sharing. WDM-PON deployment requires colourless optical network unit (ONU) transmitters, so that each user has the same transmitter. Up to now, these characteristics have been unsatisfactorily obtained either with a costly tunable transmitter or by exploiting external seeding sources. ERMES proposes a disruptive approach to the ONU transmitter. The breakthrough idea is to use a significant portion of the network to implement an embedded self-tuning modulable laser cavity. See also the project website

Coordinator: Mario Martinelli, Politecnico di Milano

Timeframe: 9/2011 - 8/2014


Industry Solutions:

Group specializing in industry-oriented scientific projects

The topics of interest of our group are new functional materials for industrial applications.
Our expertise includes Thermal barrier coatings, Protection coatings for atmospheric reentry,
High-temperature materials, Photonics, High-temperature photonics, Superhard
coatings, Materials with anisotropic heat dissipation, Energy conversion and storage,
Nanostructures and Nanofluids, Reactivity in solids, Organic/Inorganic materials,
Molecular electronics. This expertise is confirmed by more than 300 publications in pierreviewed
journals, about 20 reviews and 12 patents. We perform conceptualization,
characterization and chemical and solid-state synthesis of new functional materials for
industrial applications. The characterization methods we apply comprise single crystal
and powder crystallography, in situ X-ray measurements at high temperature and under
controlled atmosphere, high-resolution scanning and transmission electron microscopy,
dilatometry, DTA, measurement of physical properties of crystals, powders and films.
Modeling includes study of heat transport and heat dissipation, spectroscopy, phase
analysis, electromagnetic, band structure and force-field calculations. The group is
working very close to industries. More information

Group lead: Valery Shklover


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